Welcome to Pool Watch

Welcome to Pool Watch, a site dedicated to helping communities keep swimming pools open where there is a clear need. If your local pool is under thread of closure, or if you are looking to re-open an existing pool, we can give you all the information and guidance you need to get started.

We support all levels of swimming in Britain, from helping children learn a vital life skill, to giving British athletes the best chance of gold success.

We are passionate about keeping pools open and want to help communities influence key decisions concerning their local pools. So if you're confident that there is a need and a demand for your pool, and that it is financially viable to run, we can provide you with tools and information to help you build your case.

Whether your local pool is threatened with closure, needs an upgrade, or you're looking for information on how to run or open a new pool, we can point you in the right direction.

You may contact the ASA facilities department to discuss your proposals or concerns relating to a pool closure. Email: facilities@swimming.org.

If you are trying to save a school swimming pool, you can also complete our online form so that we can gather the information that we need to help you.